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Fun Jumpers

Full Altitude: $52
Hop N Pop: $30
C2 Coach Jump: $104

Gear Rental:
$41.50 per jump 
$83 daily rate (more than 2 jumps)
Pack job: $10 (when available)



All prices are final and include taxes

$380.00 per jumper


Camera Package (includes micro SD card with all raw footage) $100.00

** For group pricing (8 people or more) please email


Tandem Skydive

Learn to Skydive!

We offer the Gradual Free Fall program at Skydive Salmon Arm. This approach to learning involves the gradual addition of new skills on every jump! You'll start with the First Jump Course, then we'll throw you out of the airplane and guide you to a safe landing over a 1-way radio. From there we will slowly add skills such as pilot chute practice throws, actual pilot chute pulls, and increased delay before pulling.

First Jump Course $275.00 (held on Saturday mornings at 9 am, contact us for information on scheduling it for different days)

All student jumps until you are licensed $120.00

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